B.A.M.N - La Hunter feat. Thandeka

La Hunter feat. Thandeka - B.A.M.N

Posted by Hunter17 on 27 March 2023 | Downloads: 128


Man i don't fuck with this niqqas
Man i don't fuck with y'all fake

They put a smile on their face and bite your ass up like a snake
They did me dirty one time and i can never take em back is just crazy
I'm not gonna name-drop shid is heavy these bozzos be' callin' it hate
They bring mofaya on ice guess what they're hoping to skate
Niqqas be biting my shiid but fuck it i done did the 8 on my plate
015 rappers be frontin' and downing it's KOURNAL I'm taking my place
Apologies in my dm coz i give them chills and feels
Trashing my name in the streets man im the goat that kills
Some of these rappers be talking bout how La Hunter fell out of grace
Some of their hunnies opposing they're all in my box tryna furnace me
I'm keeping up being intact
Dawg I've been striving for my Wins
Wrath of a man Jason Statham is what they gon feel when i tap in
NEEN on my back i bring more commotion while hoping to burn all these rats B.

I'ma go get it X 6
I'ma go get it by any means

I'm a black Alpha with the whole pack
Coming for everything no cap

Jaha Ra Mutsonga riFikile
Makomba ndlela Se ba tsipile
Mtondolovani hi sweswo machika hi Ravi hi petsha
Avaku Va tlanka nami?
Mputi ya mavoya hi man?
Nikhome nhlamulo hi xibagani
Ntsutsumisa Mali,mpfumo na fame
(Rivanti)Hi pfula hi ngena Va pfarini
Minkateko hivekwe hi layini
Tsaki tsaki ntshakisa hivalala hehee Loko vo hleka
La hiya ko hita fika hi lankuta ntsaku Va lenga
Na Loko swo Teka nkari
Xikwembu xi lankute hansi
Jeremiah 29:11 in God we trust.

I'ma go get it X 6
I'ma go get it by any means